Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lessons in Bondage

Francesca gets stuck in self bondage, unable to free herself. Unfortunately, her husband is not aware of this little hobby so when a work colleague stumbles across her, takes advantage of the situation and threatens to blackmail her she is forced to come clean. Matt reluctantly accepts this secret but insists that if she is going to indulge in bondage it must be under his supervision. Francesca is delighted, but discovers that teaching matt to tie her up effectively is not as straightforward as she might have thought and that it is not only Matt that is on a steep learning curve. She discovers that there is a world of difference between tying yourself up and submitting to the will and foibles of someone else. The inclusion of the work mate and his domineering wife into their games adds extras dimensions and complications. This is erotic bondage with an emphasis on sex while bound and the psychology of BDSM.

59,000 words

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