Monday, April 22, 2013

Culture Shock

One of the most frank and devastatingly accurate accounts of what it takes to become a 'real life' submissive. No whips, no chains, no fanciful descriptions of pain or suffering. In this character-driven story of sophomore Elaine, we find ourselves lost in the beauty and simplicity of college life. A life full of innocence and promise, of questions and doubt and discovery. Through Elaine, we hitch a ride into the unknown.

Sir Nathan presents his final triumph, Culture Shock. Two years in the making, this work of Nathan’s is remarkable in its depth and scope, completely outlining the meanings and reasons behind BDSM, explaining the concepts and motivations at work, and all the while spinning a story of epic proportions around a simple meeting of two minds.

Told in Sir Nathan's romantic style, Culture Shock gives you all the answers to the questions you haven’t even considered yet. It shares your frustrations, your doubts, and your fears. It will make you cry. It will make you gasp in delight. It will make you hold your breath and wish it would never end. If you want to know what you should know, if you want to know what you should ask, and if you want to know what you should expect, then Culture Shock is for you.

Sir Nathan insists on a small but significant spoiler. This story is about what it takes to get to the point of meeting with someone, safely, sanely and consensually, and 'not' about what happens afterwards. He also makes no apology for the incredible, cliff-hanger ending. "The entire story was written to make the reader 'think'. That's why it ends as it does."

Lose yourself in Culture Shock. And you just might find yourself.

112,000 words

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kuro Neko

Kuro Neko follows the Nekomiya family who have just moved into town of your typical Japanese High Class district. The only male of the family, Kuroh Nekomiya soon finds himself on the bad side of the president of the student government at the vocational school he starts after moving from Brasil. However, not to be taken advantage of he soon finds himself with a fight on his hand with conditions suited to crush him completely. With skills rarely seen in someone with his background he wins quite easily and soon goes down a path of debauchery as he targets certain family members of a certain group. No one knows his motive or of that of his mother who seems to know all there is to know about his targets as he makes women slaves to his lust and rids the world of a few bad men. A tale bathed in mystery and lust that follows a path that keeps you guessing until the very end as it hints at clues and teases the reader. Kuro Neko, a wonderful and sordid tale.

67,000 words

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