Monday, March 4, 2013

Virgin Mary

Mary Ann Migallos, a beautiful and deeply religious eighteen year-old schoolgirl seeks salvation from the overwhelming sexual urges that constantly trouble her. Under the counsel of her family priest, Father Daniel, Mary professes her uncontrollable need for unadulterated premarital sex, how she fantasizes about having sex with men, sex with women, sex with groups, causing her to resort to constant masturbation.

In the privacy of his office, Father Daniel takes it upon himself to save the troubled young girl from her impure acts. At first, the priest starts with having Mary be naked as he reminds her of the consequences of abandoning the lessons taught to her by the church, followed by Mary paying her penances with Father Daniel spanking her beautiful bare bum.

But as Mary slowly becomes less in control of her urges, Father Daniel is forced to resort to more dire means of punishment to prevent her from giving in to the temptation of lust, which becomes difficult for the priest as he begins to be tempted by the young girl’s sexual allure.

23,000 words

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