Thursday, December 27, 2012

Handling Emil by Veronica Divine

The mysterious Sonya Savich is a sexual nuclear bomb with staggering assets and skills to match; but has she met more than she can handle in the equally well-endowed Emil? Her employers certainly hope so, because if not, his reckless sexual conquest may embarrass and bring down a powerful politician. Author Veronica Divine has never been afraid of big boys, but after this short you might just find out that you are.

5,300 words

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Moist Moments

What gives you a moist moment? That delicious tingle between your legs. That sudden rush of blood that makes you gasp. Is it the thought of being tied up, gagged, and taken in a hotel room or maybe in the back of a van? Being told what to do to be a good girl as someone watches? Maybe it's being spanked like a bad girl while bent over a table or a knee? Could it be those little taboos like lusting after your brother? Does being kept as a pet make your thighs wet? Or a secret tryst in a back room? Do you look at the kitchen as a playground rather than just a place to eat? Or do you desire to switch roles? Become the one who overcomes the other? Moist Moments has ten short erotica stories with a tantalizing assortment of topics that hopefully will give you some moist moments of your own. You'll meet a brother and sister who are much closer than they should be. Go to the library and you may find yourself with a spanking from a strict librarian. Learn what it's like to be the purrfect pet or watch as a wife straps on a strap-on and makes her husband kneel before her. Take a ride home in the back of a van while cuffed and gagged. Experience a damsel in distress wondering how she got into her predicament, and how does she get out of it. Enjoy lunch in a back room with your boots spread wide or meet up with a stranger and let him watch as you do as he tells you. Enjoy the kitchen in new ways as new relationships bloom and a married couple explores new ways to play.

46,000 words

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