Monday, November 26, 2012

Cherry Pops

Not all girls lose their virginity in a conventional manner such as the back seat of a car, prom night or at a wild drunken frat party. Fact is, I’ve talked with many, many women all over the country and listened to more ribald, bold and bizarre ways that these woman have lost their virginity than I ever could have imagined. Cherry Pops tells two such stories.

Cindy’s father, a military man kept her sheltered and alone, or so he thought! Linda used the Internet to develop an insatiable appetite for all things sexual. She bided her time carefully until she was free to explore everything she had read about, discussed in chat rooms and viewed on screen. Cindy then used her very first opportunity to gorge herself and from there continued to fulfill all of her sexual fantasies. Her journey from a young girl to a highly sexed uninhibited woman will surely arouse you.

Linda found herself lost and lonely in a distant, secretive country. Alone and an outcast, Linda searched for a way to belong. Responding to a simple ad in the paper, Linda found a new life, full of excitement, companionship and wealth. She also learned to be a woman with unusual talents, sexual tastes and desires which she pursued relentlessly. I’m sure you will find satisfaction as you read about her fulfillment!

Both of these stories, while works of fiction, are actually based on real life experiences of two women. Their names have been changed as well as some minor background details to protect the not so innocent. The details of their experiences have been brought to life from their narratives told directly to me. This then is really a literary work closely akin to historic fiction.

Their stories will captivate your interest and stimulate your imagination. But these two stories are just the beginning; I have many others that will be equally, if not more so, arousing.

38,000 words

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