Friday, April 29, 2011

Into My Life Book Two

The Deal: Between Graham and Petra, at Petra’s insistence as compensation for her keep. He gets an hour for each day to do as he wishes, anything, just no one else to be involved.
Present: Whenever Graham say ‘Present’ Petra is to adopt this position. Hands behind your head, elbows back, back straight, legs well spread apart. He wants to see her breasts presented to him to use as he wishes.
Comfy: Hands behind, clasping the other elbow, pushing her breasts out. Her legs held tightly together, standing straight, tall.

Graham and his new girl have guests coming. Three of Petra's friends from Cornwall wanting to see just what the girl has got herself into and why is she enjoying it so much. They've done that by phone, now they want to find out in person and have each made the commitment to accept that nothing will happen to them that hasn't happened to Petra. Sounds simple enough, but why does she let him strip her, beat her backside, stuff her holes with his toys? Things they'd each done on their youth, and miss!

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