Friday, February 11, 2011

Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge is a collection of short stories that delves into the darker side of life, BDSM.

Spent is a story that looks at the dynamics of frustration and control from a BDSM perspective. The story guides the reader into the unchartered waters of light domestic bondage in a playful manner, culminating in a massive release.

Spanking 101 is a humorous look at ‘How to do a Spanking’. Told from the perspective of a lecturer at a fictitious university, Spanking 101 lets the cat out of the bag. If you ever wanted to know exactly how to spank someone, this story is for you.

Under the Bridge takes a hard left turn into fantasy-style BDSM. In a ‘getting more than you bargained for’-type scenario, a young shopkeeper is shown the ropes, and the whips, and the chains...

Pushing even further into the fantasy-BDSM genre, The Hands is a white-knuckle voyage into total bondage at the ‘hands’ of unseen men. The author insists the story is complete fantasy, and in fact, is an extrapolation of a dream he was once told.

Be Mine brings us back to earth with a much more realistic, and indeed romantic, look at domestic BDSM. Told from the unusual first-person perspective, Be Mine invites the reader right into the lounge room of a loving, BDSM couple.

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