Monday, February 7, 2011

Dans le Murs Part 1

Set initially in France, Dans-le Murs is the wildly erotic and imaginative romp of an Englishman slipping past the first flush of youth. Intended simply to entertain, Part 1 introduces our hero but doesn’t prepare him for the greater adventures that he experiences in later parts.

When Colin de Villiers and his wife Tessa bought the old, run-down farmhouse in France, he didn’t realise that the keys would also open the doors to a wild, alternative society. After discovering local teenagers using his barn as a quiet refuge for pleasure, Colin is drawn, not unwillingly, into the seamier side of adult films and clubland in Lille’s underground society.

Eager to exploit the opportunity, Colin enthusiastically accepts an invitation to join the Joker organisation, and soon finds himself involved with the residents of the rather bizarre l’Ecole San Sebastian. Here he meets with the delightful, if wayward Anne-Marie d’Estang as she shows him that a boat on a lake offers pleasures other than simply sailing. With the members of the film team, Colin discovers hidden talents and involves himself in selecting the cast for an ambitious porn film. He is introduced to Anna-Lise, a rather shy girl of African descent who blossoms rapidly in the spring sunshine. At the end of a long day Colin is dragged by Anna-Lise and Anne-Marie into a bedroom orgy beyond his wildest dreams.

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