Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Gerry Series by Germany Gibson

A middle-aged tough-guy and con man on the run from the mob in the early 1940’s finds himself inexplicably drawn to a small Midwestern town. He meets Daisy, her half-brother Stan and young niece Rochelle, a black family trying to eke out a living by running a bar and brothel.

But when war breaks out and the local army post is suddenly filled with new recruits and big money, corruption leaves them hanging by a thread. It’s up to Gerry to right the wrong. He finds himself embroiled in different mysteries as he helps others to find justice they so desperately need, slowly coming to realize that this isn’t any coincidence at all.

75,000 words

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mind Fuck

In this first person narrative, a young working single-mom decides have one night from her responsibilities and go with her girlfriend to a party, where she can let loose with alcohol, some recreational drug and hopefully, sex. When meeting an old acquaintance, our protagonist is introduced to a new party drug call mad trip.

With each use of this super-hallucinogen, the girl’s deepest desires are pulled out and twisted, creating the most vivid and exotic sex dreams than she can ever imagine, each one more intense and orgasmic than the last. But soon the line between reality and the surreal sex fantasy realm begin to fade for her, sending her in a life-crushing downward spiral she may never recover from.

13,000 words

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fixing A Hole

Take a faithful but very lonely, horny wife, add one sexy, stud plumber, and let the games begin! Bad thoughts, strong desires, wanton pleasures, and very hot sex lead to an action-filled afternoon that she and you will not soon forget! This is what the real hunger games are about! Raw Sex!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lessons in Bondage

Francesca gets stuck in self bondage, unable to free herself. Unfortunately, her husband is not aware of this little hobby so when a work colleague stumbles across her, takes advantage of the situation and threatens to blackmail her she is forced to come clean. Matt reluctantly accepts this secret but insists that if she is going to indulge in bondage it must be under his supervision. Francesca is delighted, but discovers that teaching matt to tie her up effectively is not as straightforward as she might have thought and that it is not only Matt that is on a steep learning curve. She discovers that there is a world of difference between tying yourself up and submitting to the will and foibles of someone else. The inclusion of the work mate and his domineering wife into their games adds extras dimensions and complications. This is erotic bondage with an emphasis on sex while bound and the psychology of BDSM.

59,000 words

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yule Tied

With his second ebook, T.S. Fesseln turns up the heat on the holidays.  Snuggle in with a glass of egg nog and these hot stories, if you can stand the tension.

Being Thankful: Leanne discovers that there is more to be thankful for than just the good food shared by friends when her man shows his true feelings for her ... with rope.

Away In The Manger: Gina finds herself as an unwitting decoration on the front lawn.

Inside Santa: Elizabeth's boyfriend finds a proper way of getting his girlfriend into the spirit of the season.

Ornaments: Katy decides that her husband Alan needs to get an extra package underneath the Christmas tree this year.

Tradition: Shelly's family's tradition backfires this year, leaving her in more of a bind than she bargained for.

Twas The Night: A burglar finds a something more than just loot this Christmas Eve while prowling in a stranger's house.

Ringing In The New Year: Julie is the center of attention at the New Year's party she manages to get into.

19,000 words

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Den of Iniquity

A life of disappointments had opened into new territory, yet Roger was still stagnating. Then he opened his big mouth and found himself with responsibilities for which he hadn't planned. Thrust into the world of dominance and submission, surprisingly he found something he'd been looking for all his life. Follow Roger's amazing, touching and eye-opening evolution from man into Dominant.

In his latest novel, Sir Nathan strikes deep into the heart of the BDSM lifestyle and begins to show his real talent. A riveting storyline, set mainly in a gorgeous city mansion outfitted to cater to the tastes of the members who visit, Den of Iniquity succeeds in what the author describes as his 'entire motive for writing'.

"I want to bring the BDSM lifestyle to life," Sir Nathan explains. "Most of the BDSM fiction out there is sterile and inhumane fantasy. Much of it doesn't come close to what the lifestyle is really like. 'Den' begins to address that imbalance."

Den of Iniquity is a minor masterpiece, with more to come from this talented author. Come visit, mingle with the eloquent characters our protagonist encounters, and see if your life is changed by the experience. Erotic, suspenseful, and devastating in its truth, Den of Iniquity is a 'must read'.

86,000 words

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free as a Slave

Rebecca would seem to have everything: a good job, a loving husband, a house, and enough money to live comfortably, but being in control of her life proves a burden too hard to bear. She suffers a partial mental breakdown whereby she cannot make a decision, not even what part of a meal to put in her mouth. Her husband, Ron, is forced to take drastic measures to make her rest ending up with tying her down on the bed. He finds that she has an erotic reaction to bondage and, although at first, he is reluctant to take advantage of her, he is drawn into a secret fantasy of Rebecca's to be held captive. But this is no ordinary captivity: she needs to be, naked, bound, dominated and controlled. He manages to snap her out of her fantasy but discovers that she actually wants the fantasy to become reality. It starts out as a game but the rules are vague and both have a lot to learn about the mechanics of a BDSM lifestyle. A marriage forged on mutual love and respect is turned into something much more carnal and basic where the man rules and the woman obeys. The house is transformed and adapted to give Ron the control he needs to make it all work. Rebecca now lives a double life. At work she is forceful, domineering and in charge. At home Rebecca's body is restrained and her every action is controlled by Ron, her Master, but at last her mind is free.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Lustography is a semi-autobiographical erotic romp through the author’s past. Many of the stories in this collection were originally journal entries, while others are pure fantasy. Most of the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, but some of them have not been, with the permission of those involved, of course. The topics and imagery vary from BDSM to vanilla sex, but the one thing that every offering in this anthology has in common is that they were all written in the first person. As such, if you have ever wanted to view the life of someone else from a front row seat, these eight stories are the perfect voyeuristic opportunity.

18,000 words

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Ripples on a Pond

Carrie, eighteen, adores her older brother Kevin but suspects he would never be interested in a romantic relationship with her. So she brings over girlfriends whom he might become interested in to relieve his loneliness.

But little does Carrie know that the reason why Kevin continually rejects their advances is due to his true desire for her. The sex stories he fantasizes about, centered around Carrie as he writes them, is the only companionship he knows. After they are finished he ties them to rocks and tosses them into the pond out back to ensure his secret remains undiscovered.

When Carrie finds the spiral binder in the garbage Kevin's secret is slowly revealed. What follows is a roller-coaster of passionate sex, drama, and emotion as close friends of theirs, another brother and sister about their same age, are also caught up in the out-of-control whirlwind of forbidden love.

79,000 words

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Eros Volume One

Eros Volume One is the beginning of the erotic fantasy epic born from Kotochaos’ mind. In this volume we meet Jack, a young college-age boy with no dreams for the future. One summer night he dreams of a strange person making him a strange offer. He could have the world, if only he embraces the dream ... When he wakes up he is blessed with magical endowments and an insatiable libido. This is the beginning of his journey.

17,000 words

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